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Decision Made….

Well, after some long thoughts and introspection I have decided to unburden myself. I have decided to sell my cars. Yes, that’s right! Looking back on this past season I realized, I didn’t even really use them. My corvette sat in the garage most of the time. When I thought about driving it I was

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Where did the sun go?!

I have been having an internal discussion with myself. Do I sell my small collection of cars, or do I keep them? This past week makes me think selling them is not a bad idea. Most of the time I’m juggling between keeping them out of the rain or out of the scorching sun. Can’t

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Spring has sprung!

Finally, the weather looks like it has decided to resemble spring! Have been getting some work done on my Chevelle getting it ready for the season. I have been spotting people driving around in their special rides and I can’t wait to do some cruising as well!

Car Show Treasure

I attended the car show this weekend held at Suffolk County Community College Campus in Brentwood. Some nice really nice cars on display. It was a perfect day to be outside enjoying one of the things I like most, cars. Nearing the end of the day, I came across a particular car, which is like

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How many cars is too many?

Came across a real beauty the other day. Yes, a car! The thought to purchase it quickly crossed my mind. It’s in great condition. Low mileage, clean. Not a muscle car, not even a Chevy!  The thing is, how many cars is too many. It’s not like collecting records or baseball caps. Where do you

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Car Shopping…Ugh!

 A few weeks ago I came to the unsavory decision that it was time to start looking for a new car. I truly believe there are few things worse than this task. Of course, in reality there are hundreds of things worse than this, but for now, humor me. I needed a vehicle similar to

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California dreamin

On a recent trip to California. I came across a real beauty. A 1953 Corvette, black with red interior. Although, I’m more partial to the muscle corvettes like 1957 and such. This particular car was pristine and a real eye catcher. Interesting thing in these warmer weather states, people drive their cars. The cars, although

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Barrett-Jackson Car Auctions will be returning to the Northeast in June 2018, at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn. I had the pleasure of attending the last time they were there in June 2016. The array of cars from classic to late,  in every make and model was astounding. It was almost impossible to see everything.

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Feeding my car addiction

Winter on Long Island always stunts my ability to enjoy one of the things I love to do during the warmer months (car window shopping!) When the weekend rolls around with less than optimal weather conditions, I head off to Champion Motors in Syosset. There I can surround myself with a hanger size assortment of

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John F.

Hi my name is John F, I’m the CEO of JFA Auto Collision & Repair I”ve always loved early model muscle cars. Cars that have big blocks, super sport engines and manual shifts. Like the Chevy Chevelle, Corvette and Camaro. The style, shape and power behind these cars, along with the long lasting tradition of

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