How many cars is too many?

Came across a real beauty the other day. Yes, a car! The thought to purchase it quickly crossed my mind. It’s in great condition. Low mileage, clean. Not a muscle car, not even a Chevy!  The thing is, how many cars is too many. It’s not like collecting records or baseball caps. Where do you put these things once you get them? Not only that, how often do you even get to drive them. Long Island weather being what it is( I don’t think I have to clarify), it is somewhat limiting. I feel as though the minute the weather breaks everyone runs out to their yards and starts working like crazy to get things ship shape. The shorts, tee shirts and flip flops appear and the frost hasn’t even melted yet. We spend all winter looking forward to spring and summer. The restaurants pack out to the point that you can’t even think about getting a table at a restaurant near the water unless it’s a weekday, and sometimes not even then.

Anyway, I digress. All that being said, do I need another car to look at?  Nah, probably not…..