Feeding my car addiction

Winter on Long Island always stunts my ability to enjoy one of the things I love to do during the warmer months (car window shopping!) When the weekend rolls around with less than optimal weather conditions, I head off to Champion Motors in Syosset. There I can surround myself with a hanger size assortment of automobiles from classic to exotic, and everything in between.

I can walk around the showroom and fall in love all over again with the timeless classics and most importantly, the Chevrolet models that I am particularly fond of. Specifically, the Chevrolet Corvette. I have had a long time love for this car. The power, shape and design has withstood the test of time. Red, black, and white combinations are real show stoppers. Rain or shine, the weather conditons never change inside this pristine showroom. 

Take time to enjoy the beauties displayed at Champion Motors. Located at 100 Gordon Dr Syosset. For car enthusiasts like me, it is a place worth visiting!